Industrial Filtration

Get an overview of our extensive range of high-performance industrial filters, the pureair filter range and third-party filter elements.

Process Filtration

With the ultrafilter process filter program, we offer a wide range of process filters for the filtration of air, steam, technical gases and liquids.

Air Drying

Compressed air is an indispensable drive & process energy in all areas of industrial & manual production. Compressed air must be dry, oil-free & clean to avoid costly production downtimes.

Condensate Treatment

During the compression process of the compressor, condensate accumulates, which already brings the intake air of the compressor with it in the form of water. In addition, there are tiny oil particles, dust particles, dirt particles and aerosols in the intake air to which the cooling and lubricating oils of the compressor mix and make the condensate contaminated and environmentally harmful.

Measuring Technology

Ultrafilter’s measuring technology consists of leak detection, dew point measurement, residual oil measurement, and much more

Alternative Series

Ultrafilter’s alternative series uses our nanofiber technology creating better performing elements at a reduced energy cost